Shokoreito (giri_choko) wrote,

Lack of updates... hmm... D is asleep--I don't think he's feeling well--so I'll take this moment to catch up, rather than sit around and worry about him.
Sunday, we met a friend of my father's for dinner in Manhattan. He has two very small children, so we went to Mars 2112 in hopes of keeping them occupied through dinner. Luckily for me, there's an arcade there, and I played about twenty games of DDR before collapsing at ten o'clock or so. What amused me the most was the salad section of the menu: it was titled Soylent Greens ...need I say... Oh my God! *falls over laughing* No one else at the table got it, though... save for Mr. O'Brien, but he only vaguely remembered what Soylent Green was about.
As for Monday, Hope and Mum went out for the day, and I was left alone and bored out of my mind... nothing worth updating on.
Tuesday, I called D to see what he was doing, and that evening we swung by Easton to steal him. Oh! I also ordered my new glasses... I can't wait to get them, most because my eyes are freaking killing me.
Yesterday, we went to work.. yes, work. We both got a hundred dollars to spend the day filing, doing entry, and whatnot. Mildly entertaining... Around one, I got rather ill likely from low bloodsugar, and we needed to go somewhere for lunch. There's a café down the street where we've eaten before... we walked in, sat down, and D said, "...Hey, look!" Well, to my right was a rather small roach, crawling along the wall. I giggled madly, being that this was like going to a zoo with exotic animals, but my father told me to kill it. -.-;; Nearly two minutes later, D pointed to my fork, upon which another little bug was sitting, but we missed it. After that, my father too skeeved to sit there any longer and made us change tables... thus ended our fine dining experience. ^^;;
Today, nothing has happened yet. I've yet to even put on my make-up, and D is asleep. ...However, it is my parents' anniversary... Oh, shit. Mum says D has quite a fever... >.<;; Fuck. I've got to run... bai!
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