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After my last post, I somehow found my way under the conference room table, whre I curled into a little ball and closed my eyes, but Helen came in and realized I was there. She told me father, and he mde me go into his office to lay down. I ended up falling asleep... and had some of the most bizarre dreams...
I had just gotten back from work, and was still wrapped in the many layers I had been wearing when I fell asleep. It was hot, but not humid, and the door I walked through when I got back was D's. Everyone was in his backyard, as he and a few of his neighbors were having a party. I still wasn't feeling well, and my hair was a mess, my make-up coming off, s I was afraid to see everything, but D pulled me to the side and took me to a chair away from all the guests. He was laughing at all of my layers, so I started removing my excess: a jacket, a vest, a sweater, a sweatshirt, another jacket, a shawl... By the time I was comfortable enough to face everyone else, it was dark, and Mum announced that while I was gone, she had purchased a house in Florida. Despite the fact that it was Florida, she was confident I would like the house, and we took a walk to see it... there were flamingos all over the front lawn! Almost directly across the street was a lovely, sprawling cemetery, also covered in flamingos. The tops of the headstones were dusted in pink feathers, and as I giggled over it, the director of the local funeral parlor asked if I'd like him to show me the cemetery in full. ...which I'd need to be stupid to pass up... We walked first through the funeral home, which was painted a warm, cinnamon-red, lit cozily by lamps and candles; in one of the sitting rooms, there was a little girl in a white dress, her blonde hair in curls as if she was a doll. She took a lantern and came to join us, stepping cautiously through the dark graveyard in order to avoid knocking into the flamingos. ...Interesting, how flamingos look by candlelight...

I really don't remember much else... God, my eyes are killing me. x.X I seriously need to have them checked again... I'll have to mention that to Mum when I get home...

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