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*nyao* Okay, sorry about yesterday, everyone... I wasn't in a good mood to begin with. *hugs* I apologize! An~ywho! Yesterday, my nerves were shot...: I constantly found myself glancing over my shoulder, spinning around as if positive someone was behind me, staring into dark rooms to search for something out of place, hearing my name called when I know for a fact no one could be there. I eventually resorted to lighting up a piece of sage and smudging the entire house--thrice over!--until Mozzi came. After that, I dragged her into the basement to smudge that, too. ...and then I made her watch Kill Bill vol. I with me. ^^;;
Hnn... as for today, Sario is here again, so I won't be going anywhere 'tall, and I'm to be dressed and ready before eleven when Mrs. Durant shows up... that gives me... about half an hour. >.O;; Damn... better do that...

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