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....and so it begins! >.<;; I swear to God, my parents owe me for this weekend. ...I hear my door swing open and hit the wall, my grandmother come in, and huff, "Noelle? Are you going to get up?" ...No, I'm going to lay here until I die... or until you go away: whichever comes first. "It's almost one o'clock." ...Good for the world. Do I give a damn?... She sighs angrily and walks away, at which point I think, ...but, she comes back! Even more loudly than before, to turn on Bob's lights! I'm perfectly capable of doing these things myself, but let me get out of bed first! One of the dogs had obviously thrown up or something in the hall, because I heard her saying, "Jesus Christ! ...God, look at this!" At that point, I was cursing her silently, holding pillows over my head, deciding not to get up just to spite her. In fact, I might have even stayed in bed until seven, simply on priciple.
...but alas, I am up... and there's no coffee. >.<;; There's enough for about one cup, but that's all. ...This is starting out to be a wonderful day...

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