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^_________________^ I'm so~~ hyper! We spent the day in Chinatown, which was absolutely fantabulous. There are so many amazingly interesting shoppes, all of which sell dresses and fans and bags and random Chinese decorations for rather nice prices... During the course of our trip, I bought a dress, a bag, a fan, the Fushigi Yûgi DVD set, and Sera Muun tarot cards (though I think Noni is holding those hostage for some reason or another ¬.¬)... none of which I paid for myself!
While we were in the music/DVD store, the sky grew positively black, and it began to pour, and even though we had an umbrella, we were still quite damp by the time we saught shelter beneath the overhang of a bank... It was actually quite romantic: the busy streets of Chinatown, the regular spattering of rain, pressed against the windows of the buildings to stay dry...
--and all the time that we were there, not once did we come across a pet shoppe. Aquarium stores, but not pet shoppes.
...Now, we're at my father's office, and there's a mountain of paperwork which I'll need to do eventually. D's deeply absorbed in filing voids, and apparently, I'm not allowed to speak or I'll mess him up (he's actually memorizing the numbers o.o;; ), so I'll go do statement of accounts and paids. -.-;; *sigh*

Okay... it's now seven-seventeen, and we've spent the last hour filing. Well, 'filing'... mostly meaning put things into piles, get distracted for fifteen minutes, throw some more things into piles, and then have our attention diverted once again. ...He's still filing. Between the filing and the cigar smoke, I have a headache. ...and my hair is a mess. That's giving me a headache, too. Well, it seems we're leaving, so I'll wrap this up. ^^;;

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