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[13 Sep 2004|01:08am]
[ mood | tired ]

Okay, I assume you've all noticed by now that I haven't been using this account: this is because I've changed everything over to another one. If you'd still like to be on my list, just comment to be added. Thank you!


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[05 Sep 2004|11:26pm]
[ mood | content ]

Ever notice how there's always one person in your family who's simply so cool that you can't help babbling on senselessly hoping that they'll find at least something you're saying interesting? ...That would be my cousin, Kim. She's so uber... I was so bored today, as we had a surprise party for my grandmother, and I'm quite the black-sheep of the family. Then, I remembered Kim and her family was coming, as well as my cousin Justine. Justine, I'm sure I've mentioned, paints phenomenal, dark fantasy oils. She's positively fantabulous. --and if no one told you otherwise, you'd think she and Kim were sisters. They both have the same flaming red hair, the same mannerisms, etc. etc. Kim is incredibly open-minded, and positively beyond interesting... she's the kind of person who frequents the Ren Fest and collects dragon sculptures and follows rock bands on tour and goes to Woodstock... I spent most of my day talking with her, and I really hope she e-mails me, or I see her again soon.
Other than that, my day was beyond boring. Seriously... Oh, I think our waiter was a cross-dresser: when I first walked in, he complimented my dress, and later announced to my mother, "Oh! I love your purse! I have the exact same one!" ...o.o;;... Everyone said I looked like an art-film star with my new glasses, but I still disagree: I look like a nerd-goth. Anywho! Here's the one salvagable picture of this evening:
...*mao~!*...Collapse )

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[05 Sep 2004|03:30pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

♥Happy Birthday Randee!♥
...and in case you read this:
♥Happy Birthday Yu~Ki~Ko!♥

...ever go to look for a pair of shoes you know would match perfectly with a certain outfit, only to remember that you were talked into giving them away? ...and then proceed to kick yourself for your foolishness? -.-;; Damn, I'm such an idiot...


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[01 Sep 2004|06:24pm]
[ mood | worried ]

fjklfhjkdfahjkawebbdasf... sorry, everyone. I haven't updated in a while, I know. You see, I'm a D's house, and... I've had a stressful few days. My poor, darling D has been to the hospital twice and is in excruciating pain because of a botched spinal tap. I'm seriously on the verge of tears because I feel so badly, but I can empathize--while my spinal tap wasn't as screwed up, I know exactly how painful it can be. He's at the hospital right now (I wish I could have gone with him!! *sob*), but I'm hoping they'll give him something to soothe him... perkicet, vallium, I don't know. (--and yes, I'm aware that I probably spelled both of those incorrectly.)
Anyway, sorry to anyone who sent me a text message...I forgot my phone charger, and it died halfway into my typing a message to yourbeautylies. I'm sorry, doll! --and I know you called, Yu~Ki~Ko, but I wasn't in my room then, and by the time I had an opportunity to return it, the stupid phone died. T.T

...Hopefully, I'll be back to my usual, obsessive reading of journals by Monday, after things calm down. -.-;;

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[26 Aug 2004|01:07pm]
Lack of updates... hmm... D is asleep--I don't think he's feeling well--so I'll take this moment to catch up, rather than sit around and worry about him.
...my week thus far...Collapse )
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[22 Aug 2004|02:30pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I~'m happy this morning... /afternoon... as it was twelve-thirty when I woke up. ^^;; Anywho... I'm off to Manhattan for the day. I just posted, really, to apologize for my inactivity on LiveJournal/not commenting on your entries/not responding to stuff. I've been a bad friendlie -.-;; Forgive me~~! I'll try to post something when I get back/comment on your entries/etc.


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[21 Aug 2004|11:17pm]
[ mood | blah ]

...Blah... just... blah.


[20 Aug 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | hot ]

I have pictures to post, but...I'm too lazy to do that now. Another fantabulous day with Mozzi, but I'm... too hot. XD I need to go change... more tomor--err, later.


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[19 Aug 2004|11:04pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Rather amusing day I've had... it all began when I walked out of the house in what I thought was a rather normal ensemble--my pink mandarin-collared blouse, the pinstriped miniskirt with the tulle trim, black tights, black knee-socks with pink bows, and my pink mary-janes. My mother, however, asked "could [I] possibly come up with a more outlandish outfit?" ...Of course I could! o.o;; Anyway, we were off to the eye doctor, so it didn't really matter. Long story short, I'm getting new glasses. ^^ I was hoping to drag D out to help me pick out frames, being that I could use his flare for the dramatic, but he won't be back until Saturday and I need them now. x.X Ouch. Anywho! Breakfast afterwards was normal... save for the fact that a large crowd of people laughed at me when I walked out. Apparently, I'm not preppy or ghetto enough for their tastes. _._;;
I dragged Mozzi to the arcade, where we played DDR for... a few hours. ^^;; Some guy who worked there (an adorable little Asian thing) asked what my "costume" was for... o.o;; What the...?? =.=;; We went to the mall afterwards, and D called... ^__________^ I'm a happy-chan now. I was driving myself insane all week, with lack of communication and all-around D-ness. (Not to mention, talking to K-chan and Para-sama makes me miss him even more... they're both so adorable! Especially when she goes into her fangirl modes, and he goes into deep, philosophical analysis... ^^) Mozzi and I amused ourselves in various stores, and bought quite a bit of adorable--but otherwise useless--ornamentation. I'll be able to change my earrings...this weekend?...so I stocked up on lovely sets of three. --and the checkout clerk complimented my ensemble! I wondered afterwards whether she was being sarcastic, but she was quite decked out in pink herself, so I think she was being sincere. ^^;; In any occasion...
I'm off to play Stepmania... I'll be selecting my glasses tomorrow. I may choose new frames, if I can find something I like. If not, these are fine.


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[18 Aug 2004|11:52pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

Holy screw! I didn't post today... >.<;; There's really nothing worth posting, anyway. --other than, of course, the fact that I got the Franz Ferdinand album. ...that, and the second volume of Arm of Kannon. ^^ ...which I'm going to read now. I have an appointment with the eye doctor at nine, so I've got to be going...



[17 Aug 2004|02:26pm]
[ mood | cold ]

After my last post, I somehow found my way under the conference room table, whre I curled into a little ball and closed my eyes, but Helen came in and realized I was there. She told me father, and he mde me go into his office to lay down. I ended up falling asleep... and had some of the most bizarre dreams...

...pink flamingos and little girls in white...Collapse )

I really don't remember much else... God, my eyes are killing me. x.X I seriously need to have them checked again... I'll have to mention that to Mum when I get home...

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[17 Aug 2004|09:24am]
[ mood | tired ]

Dear God, it's cold... I'm at work, but I do believe I'm leaving early today, as Cheryl and Nelson are moving to Florida and Mrs. Durant is hosting a party for them. Elsie came in this morning, commenting on how cute D is; I debated returning something along the lines of, "you think he's pretty now, you should see him in a black dress and red lipstick," but figured she wouldn't get it. Of course, her following inquiry--"how's that going, now? No more crying?"--puzzled me highly... it wasn't until some fifteen minutes after she left that I remembered that she was here that day in April when I had my breakdown... in fact, I think I was sitting directly across from her when I shattered. ...Do you know how much easier this filing would be if D was here? --not only because he wouldn't let me touch it, but because we'd basically be getting paid to snog each other behind the supply cabinet.
As for now, I really don't feel well... it's so cold, but I'm going to try to put my head down for a short while and see if I can't recover.


[16 Aug 2004|01:57pm]
[ mood | inspired ]

Call me perverted, but Arm of Kannon is fantabulous. x.X Now I need to figure out a way to get the second one... has anyone else noticed that the best manga usually come in plastic wrap?


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[16 Aug 2004|10:23am]
[ mood | awake ]

*nyao* Okay, sorry about yesterday, everyone... I wasn't in a good mood to begin with. *hugs* I apologize! An~ywho! Yesterday, my nerves were shot...: I constantly found myself glancing over my shoulder, spinning around as if positive someone was behind me, staring into dark rooms to search for something out of place, hearing my name called when I know for a fact no one could be there. I eventually resorted to lighting up a piece of sage and smudging the entire house--thrice over!--until Mozzi came. After that, I dragged her into the basement to smudge that, too. ...and then I made her watch Kill Bill vol. I with me. ^^;;
Hnn... as for today, Sario is here again, so I won't be going anywhere 'tall, and I'm to be dressed and ready before eleven when Mrs. Durant shows up... that gives me... about half an hour. >.O;; Damn... better do that...

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[15 Aug 2004|12:53pm]
[ mood | fucking angry ]

....and so it begins! >.<;; I swear to God, my parents owe me for this weekend. ...I hear my door swing open and hit the wall, my grandmother come in, and huff, "Noelle? Are you going to get up?" ...No, I'm going to lay here until I die... or until you go away: whichever comes first. "It's almost one o'clock." ...Good for the world. Do I give a damn?... She sighs angrily and walks away, at which point I think, Oh.my.God... ...but, she comes back! Even more loudly than before, to turn on Bob's lights! I'm perfectly capable of doing these things myself, but let me get out of bed first! One of the dogs had obviously thrown up or something in the hall, because I heard her saying, "Jesus Christ! ...God, look at this!" At that point, I was cursing her silently, holding pillows over my head, deciding not to get up just to spite her. In fact, I might have even stayed in bed until seven, simply on priciple.
...but alas, I am up... and there's no coffee. >.<;; There's enough for about one cup, but that's all. ...This is starting out to be a wonderful day...

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[14 Aug 2004|11:40pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Hnn... My parents are in Albany for the weekend, so I'm stuck here. Rather than boring you with the details of my day, I'll simply say that it's amazing what a little compliment from a stranger can do. While in the bookstore, I was walking towards the front when I passed a young girl--she couldn't have been more than thirteen--who stopped in her tracks and said to me, "Woah, you look nice!" I couldn't say anything except, "thank you, doll!" with a bright smile as I walked out. Yes... that really brightened my day...
...and in my boredom this evening, I camwhored... and so did Paco...
...Paco...Collapse )
...Ima sugu furetai Kimochi mo ippai aru no ni...Collapse )

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[13 Aug 2004|08:43pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

*sigh* Well, D's gone... I miss him all ready. I missed him within two seconds of getting back in the car. Mum had sent me to bed at five this morning, saying that if my father had gotten up and found us both still awake, curled up on the sofa as we were, he'd have sent me to a convent and castrated D, so I didn't get up until eleven thirty.... 'Sario was here, and we didn't leave the house until two or three. I finally got to the local comic shoppe... the woman there is so nice! I wanted to buy one of the tournament packs for eleven twenty-nine, but only had three singles, so I opened my change pocket and started adding up every penny, nickle, dime, and quater I had in there until I found myself at eleven thirty. "For all that effort," she said, rather amused by my scrounging, "I'll pay your tax." ^_________________^ YAY! I love her, now.
Being that I was dying to get pocky, we stopped at the Asian store, which D was positively ecstatic about. He made the most adorable sounds while walking down the candy aisle, and the tea aisle gave him near-orgasmic pleasure. ^^ We were going to go to the mall, but we were running out of time... *sigh*
Yesterday, we went to the arcade in Bridgewater and played a few games of DDR... there are still a ton of tokens left, so I might try to convince Mum to drop me off there one day this week. D will be away, so I'll likely go through withdrawls and need to focus my attention on things like that... I may call Morgan and see if she wants to get together. I haven't seen her in so~~ long... Anywho, I've got to find something to occupy myself with now...


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[11 Aug 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

^_________________^ I'm so~~ hyper! We spent the day in Chinatown, which was absolutely fantabulous. There are so many amazingly interesting shoppes, all of which sell dresses and fans and bags and random Chinese decorations for rather nice prices... During the course of our trip, I bought a dress, a bag, a fan, the Fushigi Yûgi DVD set, and Sera Muun tarot cards (though I think Noni is holding those hostage for some reason or another ¬.¬)... none of which I paid for myself!
While we were in the music/DVD store, the sky grew positively black, and it began to pour, and even though we had an umbrella, we were still quite damp by the time we saught shelter beneath the overhang of a bank... It was actually quite romantic: the busy streets of Chinatown, the regular spattering of rain, pressed against the windows of the buildings to stay dry...
--and all the time that we were there, not once did we come across a pet shoppe. Aquarium stores, but not pet shoppes.
...Now, we're at my father's office, and there's a mountain of paperwork which I'll need to do eventually. D's deeply absorbed in filing voids, and apparently, I'm not allowed to speak or I'll mess him up (he's actually memorizing the numbers o.o;; ), so I'll go do statement of accounts and paids. -.-;; *sigh*

Okay... it's now seven-seventeen, and we've spent the last hour filing. Well, 'filing'... mostly meaning put things into piles, get distracted for fifteen minutes, throw some more things into piles, and then have our attention diverted once again. ...He's still filing. Between the filing and the cigar smoke, I have a headache. ...and my hair is a mess. That's giving me a headache, too. Well, it seems we're leaving, so I'll wrap this up. ^^;;

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[10 Aug 2004|05:34am]
...Do you know what's pathetic? It's five thirty in the morning, and I'm all ready dressed, my make-up is on, and I'm quite ready to face whatever the day throws at me. ...Normally, my parents would be ecstatic that I'm awake so early, but given the circumstances, Mum is seething. -.-;; She obviously doesn't trust me. ...in the least... that's not the point, though; she's angry because, if I'm awake this early without much sleep, I'm "bound to take it out on [her and the Sibling-Beast]"... the Hell? o.o;;
I make lay back down for a few moments, but in any occasion... sdfklfhjgfbjkfsbewtyhjsdfjklsbjkewbjker

[10 Aug 2004|02:03am]
[ mood | playful ]

Happy birthday, KamiKami!

^___________^ Hope you have a fantabulous sixteenth birthday, darling!


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