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Ever notice how there's always one person in your family who's simply so cool that you can't help babbling on senselessly hoping that they'll find at least something you're saying interesting? ...That would be my cousin, Kim. She's so uber... I was so bored today, as we had a surprise party for my grandmother, and I'm quite the black-sheep of the family. Then, I remembered Kim and her family was coming, as well as my cousin Justine. Justine, I'm sure I've mentioned, paints phenomenal, dark fantasy oils. She's positively fantabulous. --and if no one told you otherwise, you'd think she and Kim were sisters. They both have the same flaming red hair, the same mannerisms, etc. etc. Kim is incredibly open-minded, and positively beyond interesting... she's the kind of person who frequents the Ren Fest and collects dragon sculptures and follows rock bands on tour and goes to Woodstock... I spent most of my day talking with her, and I really hope she e-mails me, or I see her again soon.
Other than that, my day was beyond boring. Seriously... Oh, I think our waiter was a cross-dresser: when I first walked in, he complimented my dress, and later announced to my mother, "Oh! I love your purse! I have the exact same one!" ...o.o;;... Everyone said I looked like an art-film star with my new glasses, but I still disagree: I look like a nerd-goth. Anywho! Here's the one salvagable picture of this evening:

My cousin, Kim, and I... note my, "Oh, my God, why in Hell are you aiming that camera at me?" face.

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