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Rather amusing day I've had... it all began when I walked out of the house in what I thought was a rather normal ensemble--my pink mandarin-collared blouse, the pinstriped miniskirt with the tulle trim, black tights, black knee-socks with pink bows, and my pink mary-janes. My mother, however, asked "could [I] possibly come up with a more outlandish outfit?" ...Of course I could! o.o;; Anyway, we were off to the eye doctor, so it didn't really matter. Long story short, I'm getting new glasses. ^^ I was hoping to drag D out to help me pick out frames, being that I could use his flare for the dramatic, but he won't be back until Saturday and I need them now. x.X Ouch. Anywho! Breakfast afterwards was normal... save for the fact that a large crowd of people laughed at me when I walked out. Apparently, I'm not preppy or ghetto enough for their tastes. _._;;
I dragged Mozzi to the arcade, where we played DDR for... a few hours. ^^;; Some guy who worked there (an adorable little Asian thing) asked what my "costume" was for... o.o;; What the...?? =.=;; We went to the mall afterwards, and D called... ^__________^ I'm a happy-chan now. I was driving myself insane all week, with lack of communication and all-around D-ness. (Not to mention, talking to K-chan and Para-sama makes me miss him even more... they're both so adorable! Especially when she goes into her fangirl modes, and he goes into deep, philosophical analysis... ^^) Mozzi and I amused ourselves in various stores, and bought quite a bit of adorable--but otherwise useless--ornamentation. I'll be able to change my earrings...this weekend? I stocked up on lovely sets of three. --and the checkout clerk complimented my ensemble! I wondered afterwards whether she was being sarcastic, but she was quite decked out in pink herself, so I think she was being sincere. ^^;; In any occasion...
I'm off to play Stepmania... I'll be selecting my glasses tomorrow. I may choose new frames, if I can find something I like. If not, these are fine.


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