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*sigh* Well, D's gone... I miss him all ready. I missed him within two seconds of getting back in the car. Mum had sent me to bed at five this morning, saying that if my father had gotten up and found us both still awake, curled up on the sofa as we were, he'd have sent me to a convent and castrated D, so I didn't get up until eleven thirty.... 'Sario was here, and we didn't leave the house until two or three. I finally got to the local comic shoppe... the woman there is so nice! I wanted to buy one of the tournament packs for eleven twenty-nine, but only had three singles, so I opened my change pocket and started adding up every penny, nickle, dime, and quater I had in there until I found myself at eleven thirty. "For all that effort," she said, rather amused by my scrounging, "I'll pay your tax." ^_________________^ YAY! I love her, now.
Being that I was dying to get pocky, we stopped at the Asian store, which D was positively ecstatic about. He made the most adorable sounds while walking down the candy aisle, and the tea aisle gave him near-orgasmic pleasure. ^^ We were going to go to the mall, but we were running out of time... *sigh*
Yesterday, we went to the arcade in Bridgewater and played a few games of DDR... there are still a ton of tokens left, so I might try to convince Mum to drop me off there one day this week. D will be away, so I'll likely go through withdrawls and need to focus my attention on things like that... I may call Morgan and see if she wants to get together. I haven't seen her in so~~ long... Anywho, I've got to find something to occupy myself with now...


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